Adjustable Height Podium

St. Bede Catholic Church was renovated in the year 2000. Art Heidrich and I built the altar furniture from white oak from the pews that were removed for the renovation. The altar furniture Art and I built included: the altar table, presentation table, candle holders, hymn board, Easter cross and stand, 12 foot by 8 foot wall-mounted cross, and the ambo.

The ambo (podium) was built in just over a week, finished and delivered on the day of the first mass when the renovation was complete; the Easter vidual mass.

The ambo was designed to be used anywhere from wheelchair height on up and is comprised of 3 distinct parts: base, lift table, and shell.

The base holds the lift mechanism that is battery operated. A 110 volt charger keeps the battery at a full charge. A 3-inch lever is used to adjust the ambo up and down. A mechanical switch stops the downward movement and a magnetic switch limits the upward travel.

The lift table is connected the lift mechanism with four straps attached to the bottom or leg portion of the lift table. The table is lifted as the straps are wound around the take-up reels and lowered when the straps are unwound from the mechanism's reels.

The shell actually sits and floats on the lift table. The shell contains the ambo lights and microphone.

The couple in the video are Art and Jan Heidrich. The man in the plaid shirt is Fr. Larry Pettke.

St. Bede Catholic Church was closed on June 24, 2007. The church is scheduled to be demolished sometime within the next two years.

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